Why and How to Add Google Maps in Blogger

Embed Google Maps
I have been working with blogger for more than a year now. In this time period, I've visited thousands of blogs (that includes business blogs too) made with blogger. The most shocking thing is that I have never seen a blog with Google map embedded in it.

Till now, I don't know the real reason behind it.

Probably the reasons could be
  • They don't know about Google maps (So sad)
  • They think its hard to embed Google maps

Why You Should Add Google Maps?

Actually, It is one such thing that make things easier...
Imagine this yourself...

You're reading a blog post about an event that is going to be hosted somewhere you're not familiar with.

Will you be happy to see a Google map of that place embedded in that post?

Yes. Right?

If you think its too hard to embed a Google map to your blogger blog, believe me, Its easy as a hell.

How to Add Google Maps to Blogger?

Google Maps
  1. At first, go to maps.google.com, type the address of the location.
  2. Click the gear button on the bottom right.
  3. Choose 'share and embed  map'.
  4. Copy the iframe code.
  5. Go to blogger and paste the code in the HTML tab of a post.
  6. Publish/save and see the map live in action.
PS: To add Google maps in a widget, follow the first four steps and paste the code in a HTML/JavaScript widget.
So, go ahead... Add Google maps whenever needed, I am sure it will make it easy for some people. Remember, a blog is all about making things easy.

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