How To Set Up Feedburner For Blogger Blog

Some of the easiest and user preferred ways to stay connected with a blogger blog is by subscribing to RSS using feed readers such as Google Reader, Bloglines, Etc or by subscribing to email updates. Most the bloggers use the default feed ( for their blogger blogs. However if you want to provide email subscription or want to know the number of peoples who subscribed your feeds, it is almost impossible. There is where Feedburner becomes handy.

Feedburner is a completely free service provided by Google, which provides you some special features which is unavailable with your default blogger feed. It helps us in viewing the statistics, optimizing the feed, providing email subscription for the visitors, etc.

Setting Up Your FeedBurner For Blogger Feed

Step 1. Go to Feedburner and sign in to Feedburner with your Google Account.

Step 2. Write your Blog URL to the "Burn a feed right this instant." and click Next.

Step 3. Leave RSS source selected and click Next.

Step 4. On the next page, enter your desired feed title and feed address, click Next.

Step 5. So now, you have successfully claimed your blog’s feed and got a new feed address. Now again click “Next”.

Step 6. Now select Clickthroughs and I want more! and then click Next.

Adding a FeedBurner Email Subscription Option To Your Blog

Step 1. Click on the Publicize Tab > Email Subscription > Activate.

Step2. Copy the HTML code.

Step 3. In the Blogger dashboard click the drop down menu for your blog > Choose 'Layout' > Click 'Add A Gadget' > Choose 'Html Javascript' > Paste The Copied Code > Click Save.

Redirect Default Blogger Feeds To FeedBurner

Step 1. In your blog dashboard Click Settings > Other and navigate to “Site feed”.

Step 2. Click "Add" option corresponding to "Post Feed Redirect URL".

Step 3. Add your Feedburner address and click Save Changes. 

You are now finished with setting up and redirecting your feeds. Now make your readers subscribe to your blog by adding a stylish subscription widget with hover effect.

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